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Welcome to Digital Native! I’m Rex. By day, I work as a Partner at Index Ventures and by night, I write about tech and startups. Every Wednesday morning, you’ll get a piece straight to your inbox.

What to Expect:

I’m fascinated by how technology and culture intersect. Each week, I write about this intersection, exploring the trends and startups changing how we live and work.

To give you a taste, below are some of my recent pieces grouped by theme:

Gen Z

🫠 Minions and Gen Z Characteristics

💀 It’s Gen Z’s World, and We’re Just Living In It

🔥 Lil Nas X Is Gen Z’s Defining Icon

Internet Culture

🌊 This Is Water: Revisiting Social Constructs

🔪 The Internet Killed Mainstream Culture

🪞 The Two-Way Mirror of Art and Technology


🤳 Influencer Marketing 2.0

🎨 The Art of the Deal: How Money Shapes Art

🔨 The Cambrian Explosion in Software and Content


🛒 CAC: Customer Acquisition Chaos

🛍 Talking Shop: The Transformation of Commerce (Part I)

💰 Talking Shop: The Transformation of Commerce (Part II)

The Metaverse

🌐 Reality Privilege and Living Your Life Online

🔮 The Rise of Synthetic Media & Digital Creators

🐯 How Neopets Paved the Road to the Metaverse


🎮 Digital Economies, Gaming, and IP Legos

💵 The Deceptive Complexity of Axie Infinity’s Digital Economy

Blockchain Gaming and On-Ramps to Mass Adoption

Consumer Social

😈 The Seven Deadly Sins of Consumer Technology

😜 Myspace, Tumblr, and the Long-Lost Weirdness of the Social Internet

🤑 The Rise of Cash App and Vertical Social Networks

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Rex Woodbury
Partner at Index Ventures