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Welcome to Digital Native! I’m Rex. By day, I work as an investor at Index Ventures and by night, I write about tech and startups. Every Wednesday morning, you’ll get a piece straight to your inbox.

What to Expect:

I’m fascinated by how people connect and create online. Each week, I write about this intersection of people and technology.

Below is some recent writing so that you can get a taste of what to expect.

Gen Z

💃 A Guide to Gen Z Behaviors

🔥 Lil Nas X Is Gen Z's Defining Icon

💰 Everyone Is An Investor

The Creator Economy

🤔 What People Misunderstand About The Creator Economy

🔨 The Building Blocks of Tech

🤑 Creator IPOs

The Metaverse

🌐 Reality Privilege and Living Your Life Online

🔮 The Rise of Synthetic Media & Digital Creators

🎮 How People in the Philippines Are Making Money in the Metaverse

Consumer Social

🪐 What China’s Soul Tells Us About the Future of the Social Internet

💄 The Rejection of Internet Perfection

🧬 The Evolution of Social Media

Internet Culture

🪞 The Two-Way Mirror of Art and Technology

🧱 Memes and the Atomic Units of Culture

💙 Digital Kinship & the Loneliness Epidemic