Digital Native: Highlights from 2021

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Digital Native: Highlights from 2021

I’ve released a new piece of writing every Wednesday morning for the past 73 weeks. This week, I decided to take the week off!

Instead of a new piece this week, I’m sharing some highlights from 2021 so far. I pared down this year’s 30 pieces to 15 favorites, three pieces across five broad themes:

  1. Gen Z

  2. The Creator Economy

  3. The Road to the Metaverse

  4. The Social Internet

  5. Digital Culture

Hopefully the pieces below provide some good reading for this week and weekend, for any topics that pique your interest or that you may have missed.

See you next week!

Gen Z

💃 A Guide to Gen Z Behaviors

🔥 Lil Nas X Is Gen Z’s Defining Icon

📈 Everyone Is An Investor

The Creator Economy

🎨 Cultural Liquidity and the Rise of CryptoMedia

🤔 What People Misunderstand About The Creator Economy

💰 How to Monetize Culture

The Road to the Metaverse

🌐 Reality Privilege and Living Your Life Online

🎮 How People in the Philippines Are Making Money in the Metaverse

🐯 How Neopets Paved the Way for the Metaverse

The Social Internet

🪐 What China’s Soul Tells Us About the Future of the Social Internet

🔮 Avatars and Digital Identity

🧬 The Evolution of Social Media

Digital Culture

🪞 The Two-Way Mirror of Art and Technology

🧱 Memes and the Atomic Units of Culture

💙 Digital Kinship & the Loneliness Epidemic

And a bonus piece, which ties all five themes together:

💥 Chain Reactions: How Creators, Web3, and the Metaverse Intersect

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